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Skinny Spices

50 Nifty Homemade Spice Blends That Can Turn Blah Healthy Eating
Into Flavor-Rich Delicious Dining

Mini Bio of Erica Levy Klein
Author, Speaker and Consultant on Easy-to-Find Herbs and Spices That Can Increase Flavor While Reducing Salt, Sugar and Fat

Erica Levy Klein grew up in 13 countries – a true Wandering Jew – the daughter of parents who served as U.S. diplomats. She first fell in love with spices and herbs when she was 3 years old watching the family cooks in India roast and grind incredibly fragrant spices, and that passionate interest continued as she grew up in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to being the author of the best-selling cookbook and Kindle edition of "SKINNY SPICES: 50 Nifty Homemade Spice Blends That Turn Blah Healthy Eating Into Flavor-Rich Delicious Dining," Ms. Klein has been a travel writer and photographer who regularly studies cooking in countries as diverse as Morocco, Thailand, the UK and Singapore. Her most recent foray has been to the global borough of Queens, just outside Manhattan on the 7 train, to study the delights of Turkish cuisine at the Turkish Cultural Center. She speaks 9 languages including Japanese, Hindi and Arabic, but none of them particularly well.

Ms. Klein has been married to John Crotty for more than a decade, a rock-and-roll accountant who now realizes that there are more exotic cuisines in the world than Chinese takeout.



  • Grateful for the 5-star Amazon & food blogger reviews of SKINNY SPICES, the new spice & herb blends Kindle cookbook.


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